Meet the Ribbers of Mission Ribfest

Get ready, Mission, BC! The inaugural Mission Ribfest is descending upon Fraser River Heritage Park from August 2 to 5. This is a historic moment for our community as we host the first-ever Rib Fest in Mission, promising mouthwatering BBQ, fun, and festivities.

Let’s introduce you to the six award-winning ribbers who will be bringing their A-game to Mission Rib Fest.


Boss Hogs

Boss Hogs BBQ claims to be the “pride of Canadian Ribfest,” and with the most People’s Choice awards in the country, they back it up! With over 20 years of experience, they’re known for fast service and exceptional ribs.

Their menu features traditional favorites: pork ribs, beef ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, and chicken. Their sides, including baked beans, coleslaw, and cornbread, are perfect for soaking up their legendary sauce.


Gator BBQ

Mess with the gator and you’ll get the jaws! Gator BBQ is set to make waves at Mission Ribfest. Originating from Florida in 1983, Don Brown’s recipes have clinched the “Best Ribs in America” title three times. Since 2006, Matthew and Louise Smith have carried on this legacy, traveling across Ontario and Western Canada, collecting numerous accolades along the way. Their ribs, perfected through years of fine-tuning, boast a complex rub-to-smoke-to-grill-to-sauce ratio that ensures succulent flavors.

Gator BBQ will showcase pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, and chicken, all served with baked beans, cornbread, and their signature Gator Taters. Plus, their famous BBQ sauce is gluten-free, so everyone can indulge!


Guerilla Q

Guerilla Q is driven by a mission to deliver top-notch BBQ wherever they go. Their tangy vinegar and ketchup-based BBQ sauce, spiced to perfection, elevates the smoky flavors of their ribs.

Guerilla Q offers a full spread of ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and chicken, accompanied by creamy mac and cheese, smoke pit beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and cornbread. Their made-from-scratch mac and cheese sauce is a perfect match for their smoky meats.


Grizzly BBQ

ROAR!! Grizzly BBQ has entered the Mission Ribfest arena. This Victoria-based ribber, led by Ollie Briggs, debuted in 2016 but has been ribbing since 2011. Known for their unique use of local honey in their dishes, Grizzly BBQ swept the awards at Calgary Ribfest 2023, winning 1st place for Best Ribs, Best Sauce, and People’s Choice.

Grizzly BBQ offers pork ribs, beef ribs, smoked chicken, brisket, and pulled pork, complemented by southern baked beans and creamy coleslaw. Don’t miss their honey butter cornbread, a local favorite!


Prairie Smoke & Spice

Coming all the way from Regina, Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ has wowed crowds across North America. With 26 Grand Championships and over 300 awards, Rob Reinhardt (Food Network Canada) leads this renowned team. Their hand-trimmed meats and judge-approved spice rubs ensure each bite is a perfect balance of flavors.

Prairie Smoke & Spice’s menu includes beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, pork ribs, and beef ribs. Their sides feature a unique twist with apple cider coleslaw, maple bacon cornbread, and BBQ pit beans.


Smoke Dem Bones

All hail the queen! Smoke Dem Bones, owned by Barb Hoolaeff, is a powerhouse in BC’s BBQ scene, racking up wins at ribfests across the province. Known for their sweet, tangy, and spicy BBQ sauce, they plan to dominate at Mission Ribfest.

Smoke Dem Bones promises an array of delectable ribs, enhanced by their signature sauce that’s more than a condiment—it’s an experience.

In addition to these talented BBQ masters, the Rib Fest in Mission will feature a selection of other local food trucks, an artisan market, top local entertainment, a kid zone, and so much more!

Don’t miss out on the first-ever Mission Ribfest happening from August 2 to 5 at Fraser River Heritage Park. This event promises to be an unforgettable community celebration.

See you there, Mission!